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Really? I went to CC in Clementi and when I inquired about some FMA figurines they were displaying there, the person showed me some boxes and said I have to choose the boxes and get a random figure...

I was a bit short on cash so I didn't try But I'd have loooooved to get the Ed and Roy ones, why, cos Roy is sexy and Ed looks good... and even the Bradley one's nice

EDIT: Aaah, and while I have no figurines of my own (okay, AGES ago I had these pokemon ones... So fun figuring out exactly which pokemon they were, I had no idea... I couldn't recognize Scyther :P), I suppose I should contribute. OMG LOOK! Fafner figures yay~
Not very close up shot, but while Shouko (casual) looks okay her legs are awfully thin, and Alvis-girl is so scary ;_;
Thanks for the fish
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