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Originally Posted by Sheba View Post
But I expect. #1. Random snark from Aroduc who will go back to whatever harem romcom action LN adaptation will catch his interest.
Isn't that Aroduc's default reaction to 90% of all shows though ? Not to mention this used to run in JUMP, so it never stood a shot with him in the first place.

Originally Posted by Sheba View Post
#2. Style acting as a filter against the mainstream audience.

In other words, my expectations are low.
I can understand this point (and what you wrote before it) and I have seen that reaction as well whenever I tried recommending the series to any of my acquaintances, with it's length and age playing against it most of the time. The bizarreness actually sort of was the thing that got most of the people I know interested in it, so while I do think the style is going to be a filter to more modern audiences, it's also going to be an appealing factor to a lot of people as well.

The thing is, I don't have particularly huge expectations on this being a mega hit (like I said, this is from the era where Fist of the North Star was still the big thing, which makes it very dated, and there are only hints of bizarreness that the series had become so well known for that wont fully blossom till Diamond are Unbreakable, so it doesn't have the full appeal) I don't see it as flying under the radar. Anime fans had heard of Jojo, even if they never read it or seen the OVA, they know of the cast and the franchise, so it already exists in the subconscious of the English Fandom. At the very least the series is sort of a cult classic on this side of the pond so the more loyal fans are certainly not going to miss it.

I can't speak for the Japanese Fandom, but I would imagine that a 25 year old series that it still ongoing to this day and is considered a classic would have a sizable following behind it.
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