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I'm not reading the thread, because of what might be accidental spoilers of the game and such, but I just dropped by to say I loved this episode. For one, there's Mion blushing, which I find to be so cute since they rarely blush ever in this series. For another, Nakahara Mai does an impressive performance yet again. And thirdly, for some reason knowing that Rena wears thigh highs underneath that dress of hers make her look cuter, lol. ^^;

So far so good. I have heard from my friends that the anime left a lot of details out, but so far everything falls to place logically so I am happy even though there's some unanswered questions left. Great anime adaptation for those who haven't played the game a la Tsukihime, which is awesome as Higurashi can stand on its own as a great show without any prior knowledge, which IMO F/Sn really suffered from.

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