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I haven't actually seen any of the anime yet. I just finished reading the manga in last month's (??) Bessatsu Margaret issue. Are there any raws out?

So it is a shoujo romantic comedy without the generic ignorant loser who has suddenly a girl or a bunch of girls all over him for some contrived reasons, I gather?
Yep. Although "shoujo" implies that the main character is "female". She's basically the "loser", but although things don't always work well for her and Ootani, the relationship is not snail pace and as nail scrapingly disturbing as Ai Yori Aoshi.

if it was not for Teppei Koike who saved it from becoming a totally lame show.
Actually, I think his kansai ben was a bit off. The girl who played Koizumi's role in the drama did an excellent job. I think she far outshined Teppei in her role. I really thought: Wow. This is Koizumi. Teppei was just "cute". But he wasn't " Ootani".

Edit: What's up with the Koizumi's " sister" ? Why did they decide to change that, anyway? Although it did give me a few laughs..
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