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yeah, with respects to the live-action, i didnt think that teppei saved it; i thought ema fujisawa, and 4-5 absolutely hilarious scenes saved what was in totality, a pretty crappy movie.

otani is a difficult character to play live-action if you want to follow it exactly like the manga. ema did a very good job as risa though, but i felt sometimes she had too exaggerated body actions.

as for the anime, it appears to be a compressed version of the manga, so there's a feeling of being rushed through content. however thats only after watching 1 episode so that might not be a true statement; we'll see when the series is complete.

im a big fan of the manga, and i am really hoping that the anime will not disappoint. watching it RAW its hard for me to keep up with the kansai-ben so i hope someone picks it up to sub soon!
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