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I started downloading this show for my little sister (who is eleven years old), but what do you know, I enjoyed it, myself!

I really can't find much to complain about it. Being a kid's show gives it a little extra leeway in terms of "suspension of disbelief", but it never took things too far.

I actually hated to see it end so early in the story! I do think that if it had kept up as it was, it would have gotten old soon after, but to manage 26 episodes without me wanting to strangle Mikan for whining means that some real talent went into this.

I love seeing that, while it's told from a child's perspective, the world they live in isn't childish (a tad whimsical, but who cares?). The story would have been believable and compelling even if it had been told from an adult's perspective.

Kudos to the production team and the subbers. I think this show is underappreciated.
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