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Originally Posted by syke123 View Post
Hmmm, it appears as if they cluster fucked the show with the various christian/Hindo interpretations of the Kabbalah/Shaktha theology. I'm having trouble following the analogy they're attempting to create, although there's some that I could interpret myself.

All that I could extract is that Mana fits the description of "Malkuth", and that her mate could be considered "Tifereth", or "Kether". It is implied that Eve was Malkuth's creation, and Adam Tifereth's. Kether, son of god is referred to as "crown". Which leads to coincide with the title. But I'm skeptical as to whether or not mana's groom should be Kether. Since the series seems to have taken a twist, and I'm wondering who will become the "crown"? Or if that is in any way related to the situation.

I'm wondering whether or not the writers will manage to clear some of the religious speculation they've aroused, since I'm dying trying to clear it myself.
I doubt that there is any real depth to their use of stuff from Kabbalah. As,echalord said, they use it because it alien to the Japanese, though it's hardly something only the Japanese do.

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