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So Orochimaru can be revived without his soul being there? Now we could have multiple Orochimarus like this, one from each cursed seal, and of course real one if his soul is either placed into a body from the Totsuka sword or somehow Edo-Tensei'd It would be as difficult for them to decide who is the real Orochi as it was for the Naruto clones to decide who can go first on the toilette in the begining of the manga

This should be just some kind of advanced kage bunshin that will vanish as soon as it's initial amount of chakra is finished. Of course since it's advanced it could somehow gather more chakra to live longer, but should avoid battles that deplete his chakra, which means this Orochi-clone can be the perfect advisor for evil-Sasuke

It's funny how easy it is to revive evil characters like Madara and Orochi, but it's impossible to revive past kages and other good guys. Poor Kishimoto killed off all the evil guys so now he has to bring back dead guys to balance the two sides for the plot.

So why wasn't Orochi able to use his arms in the new body? Wasn't the reason why he wanted to get into Sasuke's body to have his arms back? And if he took over Sasuke's body why would he be able to use his arms there? Maybe because Sasuke's body was prepared with the cursed seal? This cursed seal and senjutsu stuff then has to be something that can emulate lost part of the soul, that is the lost arms. And apparently it could even emulate the soul itself, since Orochimaru was revived this seems to be the reason.

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