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Originally Posted by Rahan View Post
The way he was brought back doesn't make any sense either.
He never needed to switch bodies to gain immortality. He never needed Tsunade to heal his soul. Heck he didn't even need a soul to begin with.
i was more scared when sasuke said grab a piece of kabuto's body and he went up to anko... i was like nonono don't you DARE edo tensei orochimaru using anko's body masashi kishimoto!

and apparently he does, since according to one translation, oro lost the power to use his arms, or at least use them at full power after fighting sarutobi. and right now his current body has been manufactured from kabuto's cells? so he does need another person's body to respawn. And i'm pretty sure that the method used between kabuto and orochimaru is the simplest it can get. Sasuke definitely could not just grab random body parts, stick it to a curse seal, and unseal and grow is very own oro-kun. i'm just wondering what the status is on oro's arms right now, and also does this orospawn have all the memories of everything that happened to him while he was sealed in sasuke and sealed by itachi and etc.. especailly since anko was one of the first test subjects for the curse seal, so that seal consciousness has been locked away for quite some time

Orochimaru only got his chakra back, Kabuto is still at full strength, hence still stronger than Orochimaru.
true, but kabuto's turned to his original human form, impling that oro's taken back the power's related to that chakra. so how depowered has kabuto become? can he still use his dragon sage mode and any of the snake techniques? is his dragon shlong gone as well? alot of his new techniques were derived from his oro based physiology, which oro seems to have removed (and maybe even integrated into his own arsenal?)

Also, considering that kabuto once said that oro couldn't become a true sage like him, now that oro has used kabuto's body as a medium to revive himself, andd absorbed kabuto's senjutsu chakra as well as his own, will oro show off his own dragon sage mode later on?
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