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Originally Posted by Demongod86
I doubt it's possible to pull all of this crap off using only the laptop keyboard ...184 hit combo?! HOLY CRAP!!!!! I can't even get past 17 on a good day! I wonder, do you need a special game controller or something to get all of these combos going? And is there a way to play online vs. friends? I can't even get Saber's excalibur to even work during a seems I need to be standing perfectly still when I pull it off Or is that just the limits of my laptop keyboard?
Well, I use game controllers, and they work with USB. Also, if you have only 256MB of RAM or less, the game would work sluggishly. I only get around 32 FPS with Fatal/Fake thanks to my stinking 256MB RAM, lukily I'm upgrading to a 512MB one soon!

Originally Posted by aldeyeah
I'd love to see Fate/stay night charas in Melty Blood, in all their lovely 2D superdeformed glory.
Well, it's not SD, but there's Fate/Sword Dance, a 2D fighter which plays kinda like Guilty Gear but has Fate characters. Saber there is OBSCENELY overpowered, however.
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