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Originally Posted by Hobo's ava
Hinata: what is it then
Kiba: you have excruciatingly severe body odor
Could this be the reason Naruto doesn't give in to Hinata? Wasn't the KY jelly enough?! Yes it's been awhile since we heard that word!

Sakura Yes! Now that I'm under Tsunade's training, I will have massive breasts, break things with my finger, and not have anyone say I'm worthless and can't do shit! Look at me now!

Ino Yes ma'am! I will obey! Do you want a hotdog?

Sakura And did I mention that I have a new piggy slave woman? I AM THE BEST! Now where's Sasuke?

Hobo I swear I heard your ava say MOO!

Edit OMG Slade! That is the ultimate form!
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