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Originally Posted by Lee-pimp
hey its back up on top, WOOT anyway i need a chapter number which one has gai kicking jiraiya in the face after the

and for on topicness

Man Lee-pimp it's been awhile since you dropped by.

Btw it's ch148 pg11 if you're looking for DYNAMIC MARKING er...ENTRY!
Originally Posted by cdkobasiuk
Jiraya: Damn! Oro has to be in one of these bath houses.... and when I find him I'll make sure he drops the soap.
Then that means......

Oro will lose the soap and then he won't wash himself! Thus rendering Oro unsmellable with the stench and causing him to slowly turn into a gangly, pale creature that coughs *gollum* everytime he talks ebil to himself! A perfect plan!

Kakashi: Waiter! There's an eyeball in my soup.
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