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Ewww our lack of WANCWNS has reverted our style back to ancient times- 1 line jokes... i feel ashamed

Abusing jutsus:

Dr. Shika: Dam i have to get back to work again....

*walks into patients room and finds ino buttoning up her shirt*

Dr. Shika: ... You know even though sasuke is a coma, thats just wrong...

Naruto: it may be wrong but i was fun to watch

Dr. Shika: Nurse ino- after you finish dressing, please clean both our patients beds...

Nurse Ino: Oi... how do you get this stuff out any way

Naruto: thats your problem

Nurse ino: no the mess on my skirt is my problem- the mess on your bed is your problem

Dr. Shika: both of you shut up... well Naruto how are you doing to day!

Naruto: i got free porn so pretty good!- so whats wrong with me Doc!

Dr. Shika: I have some bad news- you have a incurable cancer- the good news is that you wont die for another 60 years: but since your going to die, would you like to donate your organs for a good cause?

Naruto: no..

Dr.Shika: cmon, donations means you get to be a good boy on santas list

Naruto: no...

Dr.Shika: Dont make me take out the sakura doll!

Naruto: Sakura?! where!

Dr. Shika: it worked on 48 other patients, o well- Shadow bind no jutsu! please sign here.--

Naruto: nuuuuu... my organs!
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