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Originally Posted by Dark Wing View Post
I thought we talked about this in one of the previous episode threads?
I wasn't here for the last few episodes, in fact I just watched them all in one sitting.

Originally Posted by Dark Wing View Post
It's not that anyone didn't know or cared they were all to afraid to talk about it publicly. Think back to when Saki and her mother in their garden.
Older Saki's narration says in ep 2 that at that time they were all pretty indifferent about Reiko's and that boy's disappearance. First I thought it was some sort of manipulation because how do you not care when a friend of yours randomly disappears and you never hear from them again, ever? (don't these kids ever visit one another?) and Saki started putting things together which made her uneasy, re: the garden scene with her mom. But the way Satoru said it in this ep, it was like "wow, remember how kids kept disappearing! isn't that weird!" and Saki's reaction was pretty much the same. So...
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