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Originally Posted by lohenggrin View Post
Hello, it is a pleasure to meet you all.

My Name is Riandi and I'm from Indonesia. I'm a college student of computer engineering. In my spare time, I use to watch Anime, read Manga & Doujin, or occasionally play some Trading Card Games like Weiss Schwarz or MtG. About games, I do play some games like C&C, Oblivion, Skyrim, Dark Soul, etc but since life as college student prevent me to play, i can't play much....and yeah, i do play some VNs/Eroges, of course a translated version/patch since i can't understand much about Japanese. Hope someday i can have time to learn more about hiragana/katagana or even kanji.

For hobby, i love to collect Figurines. PVC, Figma, Nendoroid, SOC, SRC, Robot damashii, Composite Ver. Ka, and many more. Gunplas? I do have some but currently my study prevent me from building more Gunplas

I have known this forum for a year but since my language skill still need improvement, i restrain myself from interacting via posting in forums. Until not long ago i decided to register & take challenge to polish my grammar.

Thus, I'm still inexperienced but i hope we can get along as fellow Otakus. Thx
Originally Posted by XeroFyction View Post
I'm new and hope to get along well with everyone!

I like long walks in the park, dogs, music, PS3, pool and exercising.

No shots at anyone here at all but...

How are the mods on this forum?

I'm too lazy to do anything worth banning or warning. However, I'd just like to know how quick they are with the ban hammer.


I've lurked these forums for ar least 3 and a half years.

I'm not good at drawn out lengthy conversations on philosophical aesthetics in anime.
Originally Posted by Hiss13 View Post
Hello. I was once a lurker here. Now, I shall say hi. :P
Location: New York City
Age: 19
Occupation: Pre-medical Student
Interests: Anime, manga, light novels, gaming, etc.
Favorites: Nanoha, TAMNI, Negima, Nana Mizuki, the "Tales of" series, and more.
Hobbies: Drawing, some fanficton writing, strolling, reading fantasy and sci-fi novels....

Nice to meet you all.
Welcome to the forums! Have fun and make sure you read the rules!
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