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Originally Posted by Kaisos Erranon View Post
The existence of this new series and Chuu2Koi are pretty good evidence that KyoAni is trying to break away from its old sponsors and do what they, and not anyone else, want them to do.
Partly, but keep in mind that the same publishers are still involved in all of Kyoto Animation's recent shows, so they're not really "breaking away". But their brand as an animation studio is strong enough that they can help publishers by generating/pushing new IP rather than these same publishers relying on them to adapt existing IP. Generating new IP that sells is itself a good thing.

Anyway, this thread should not become another "why isn't Kyoto Animation adapting the show I wanted instead of this crap" thread. This is a thread to talk about this show, not what Kyoto Animation could have done instead. There is an actual Kyoto Animation thread as well.
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