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New G-Collections release: Heart de Roommate

Last week, G-Collections released their newest translated game, Heart de Roommate. This game was made by AngelSmile, who also made Private Nurse, another game G-Collections translated. This is an ero-game, for adults only, like all of G-Colletions' games.

I finally got my copy at noon yesterday, and have been playing it almost straight. I thought I'd share my thoughts about it here, in case anyone is interested in buying it. I wouldn't go so far as to call it a review, since that actually requires a certain standard of quality

Spoilers below, by the way

If you compare Heart de Roommate to Private Nurse, HdR is absolutely the least serious of the two. HdR puts a much bigger emphasis on humor, and the overall theme is lighthearted, as opposed to PN. The story is fairly long, and structured very similar to PN. You get choices in the 1st half of the game, then the other half is almost pure storytelling, dependent on how which choices you took (aka which girl you ended up with). You do get the occasional decision you need to make here too, but very few. I've only finished the game with one girl so far, and is on the latter half of the next one.

The game feels different from most translated ero-games. The game sometimes reminds you of an anime series; it is separated into 26 "episodes" of varying lenght. The 13 first ones are the "decision making" episodes, while the rest is a story based on the girl you choose. You also have episode previews and eye catching pauses for TV commercials.

The game uses super-deformed characters at times to emphasise the humor, which is a nice touch we don't often see over here.

The music is actually good, when you get to hear it. It's CD audio, which means you have the choice between using digital audio or analogue audio. Digital means the CD/DVD-rom drive makes more noise because it operates at near full speed all the time. Analogue audio means the drive is silent, since it operates at 1x speed, but you get a much longer delay between track changes. Which are plentyful. The game's pace is such that the music changes almost all the time, which can get annoying at times, since the tunes are actually good. If you're a fast reader, you will most certainly notice this. It's a minor annoyance, though.

As I said earlier, the game focuses on humor, with some serious events spread in it for good measure. The main character is a weakling who is constantly reminded of his physical inferiority to the game's "main" heroine, Asumi Hirota.

When he is left with no place to live, Asumi agrees to take him in on one condition; he must swear never to reveal THAT, not to anoyone. Yusuke, not at all remembering what THAT is, "happily" accepts. There's one slight problem, the place Asumi lives is a Girl's Dormitory, no men allowed! Her two roommates is shocked to find out that Asumi has dragged home a guy. If someone finds out, they'll all be kicked out! But Asumi has a plan, which is only made easier by how unmanly Yusuke is...

Before... .................................................. .........And after...

The game's story doesn't have anywhere near the impact of Kana or Private Nurse, but is good in its own right. There isn't an over-abundance of adult scenes like a lot of ero-games have, about 3 per girl for the main girls. The scenes don't list long descriptions of the workings of human intercourse like a bad porn magazine (or a bad ero-game), it's more "tasteful". Usually.

All in all, this is a great release from G-Collections. It's much longer than their usual stuff (most Trabulance games), and when (IF) you actually end up with a girl, you've only played halfway through one of the stories. If you like ero-games, it's well worth the 50 dollars.

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