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Aw, so I guess Orihime hasn't confessed her love to Ichi yet.

My speculations on the whole stolen vs. lost badge thing: I think the badge at the last page is New Guy's badge and not Ichi's, because Ichi's badge was in his own schoolbag, which was Mizuiro's hands the whole time. But I do think New Guy was trying to steal Ichi's badge, and NG's badge is a fake, and he was trying to switch them or something, which was why NG invited Ichi out to Ramen. Because: he's a Soul Reaper who's stuck in a gigai and has no way to get out? Or he was totally hitting on Ichi. Either scenario would be interesting.

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I dont get the situation exactly.. can someone explain to me why ichigo said:
'' Apparently, I told Chad, Inoue and the others about my shinigami powers when I was asleep. They said they believed me immedeatly''.. What's that supposed to mean? Did everyone lose there memory and did he just tell them again he is a shinigami? Or 'was' in this case.
No, I think he meant "I told Chad and co about my Final Powerup/Mugetsu," which is something only he and Aizen witnessed. And they believed him immediately. Even though it was outrageous.

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LOL Aizen had some family?
His love child with Momo! or Gin

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Where is mah orihime? (i would bet she has short hair now )
Naw, she keeps her hair long as a symbol of friendship with Tatsuki.
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