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Originally Posted by DemiSoda View Post
Great, solid studio overall. When it comes to consistency and diversity in genres, it is probably unmatched. However, they tend to stay away from heavy moe related material, but I did hear that they got blacklisted from doing these kind of series. Not sure what the story is there.
Huh, that's pretty interesting if true. In fact, their penchant for mature-themes and minimal use of moe is one of the main reasons I'm such a fan of theirs. I'd guess I've probably seen more from them than any other studio (with maybe the exception of Sunrise).

And while I agree they're well-versed in a variety of genres, I appreciate them especially for their modern action titles that tend to have distinct 90's feel to them (Black Lagoon, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, Gungrave, Gunslinger Girl, Claymore). I'm just glad somebody still makes these kinds of shows, even if they've been dying off as time goes on.

I like that they're a bit of risk-taker as well, and even though I don't always dig their more eclectic works (especially those of the late Satoshi Kon), I respect that they put their lot behind creative minds and their sometimes "artsy" endeavors (Kaiba, Dennou Coil, Casshern Sins, Shigurui).

I'm also a fan of their sillier, light-hearted stuff like Tokikake, Chi's Sweet Home, Tsukikage Ran, Oh! Edo Rocket, and the recent Level E.

This studio also had a helluva impact on me in the 90's too, and is a big reason why I became an anime fan altogether. Stuff like Record of Lodoss War, Birdy the Mighty, Battle Angel Alita, Ninja Scroll, Devil Hunter Yohko, Trigun, and Demon City Shinjuku rocked my world back then, and a few remain close to my heart even to this day.

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