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Official site is up and a demo has been put out for the game.

Release date: 10/11/12

New character and screens here:

Battle system explanation and impressions:

Ok Bravely Defaults battle system really is awesome.

On the battle screen there's the two main options where the game gets it's name I guess.

Brave - This is where it gets interesting. Brave allows you to use BP (Battle Points) which is basically a turn counter. If you brave you can spend your BP (turns) to allow you to "move your pieces" as it were more than once in that turn, however when your deplete your BP and go to say for example -2BP you won't be able to attack/move for 2 turns after that.

Default - Default is what allows you to get to more than 0 BP. Basically you can "Default" a turn to allow you to gain a BP. If you default more you can store up turns to use when you Brave without having to go into the minus. This basically forfiets your turn when you use it so you can't do anything with that character bar default, but you can store the BP for whenever you need to use it for Brave.

Really can't wait to get my hands on the full game in October. <3
Source: StayDead on NeoGAF.

Demo Vid here (bare in mind that guy playing here is pretty bad lol, but it looks fun.):
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