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Just looking at the Aoi Bungaku list of directors:

Morio Asaka:still at Madhouse
Tetsuro Araki: directed Guilty Crown at IG
Shigeyuki Miya: ???
Taku Mayumura: directing Nerawareta Gakuen at sunrise
Atsuko Ishizuka : directing Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo at J.C Staff

Then you've also got Madhouse founder leaving to create MAPPA and there's a few Madhouse veterans on the Kids on the Slope staff and the first MAPPA film will be directed by Black Lagoon's director

As for Hosoda he's likely done with Madhouse,their involvement in Ookami kodomo was minor,it's a sign that unlike his last two movies the Madhouse logo doesn't show up at the start of the movie.

Though I wouldn't say "RIP madhouse" yet,maybe they're just going through a rebuilding phase and some young talent will step up and fill the voids left by those gone ,we'll see what Kotono Watanabe can do with Btooom!
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