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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
yeah, I should post one of my early drafts where I'm just throwing ideas down randomly to see what sticks just to demonstrate what my addled brain does when its flailing around trying to create a chapter. Sometimes I'm not even sure whose POV I should relate the events from at first.
I'm probably gonna experiment with this for a ADD-riddled brain can't come up with any decent ideas.

Originally Posted by Kerspunkle View Post
I like the sprinkling of comedy you threw in.

I see a few grammatical errors, but I find this prologue to be much more interesting than the last. I found the part of the previous prologue with the little girl to be confusing. I didn't understand the part where it described her tears as "made of water and blood combined." Was she injured, or was that just description?

Just to make sure, I have to ask. This is the all the same story, right? Also, about how often do you write?
Eh, I don't really write too often (I just do it as a random hobby), and yes, tho I'm thinking of altering it somewhat...

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