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Originally Posted by Xellos-_^ View Post
wasn't because that because you guys woke up one day and decades of corruptions and abuse by the Church was plaster all over the news outlets?
That's part of it.

But the Church was also incompetent in responding to it.

However, I don't think the scandals alone explain the slide of the church, as there hasn't been a mass exodus from the Catholic church to other denominations. The bigger issue is that people just aren't going to church anymore. Society is changing, but the Catholic church hasn't changed with the times.

That said, the Church is right to be cautious. If we look at the US, the Episcopalian church(the protestant church closest to Catholicism) liberalized but it did nothing to halt their declining church numbers, and if anything it only accelerated it as more people left it for more conservative Evangelical churches. There's a similar story going on in England, but there the Church of England could end up in a schism between it's conservative and liberal wings. Moving to ordaine women or loosen it's attitudes to Homosexuality probably wouldn't improve it's lot. However, they probably should at least lift the celibacy policy (at least on parish priests).
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