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we girls arnt safe!
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Taking a time out

Hay guys I just wanted to tell you I wont be back on for a while...
I used to come every day but then I started lossing intrest in the subjects so I came once a week because I thought that I could find more stuff to talk about if thinks built up but sadly no Ive just got board here. lol some of you my care but id say most wont its not like I was the life of the party.

This also has to do with my anime oprestion, due to less income I can only spend so much on anime these days and am falling behind in the anime know how world. but on this site you guys seam to be all over it.

So Ill be back to glance in on you guys but I wount be a very advant member for a time or until I can get back it to the wheal of my life.

all read any coments and sugestions you feel like throwing at me
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