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Originally Posted by Manifold
Guys, I just remember something I watched as a child. It was dubbed in Chinese. This is what I can remember of it:

There is a kid with a mouth organ/ocarina/harmonica thing, and he had a mecha (gundam-esque). The mecha and the mouth organ thing had some sort of special connection. An old man who could float, he was a perverted kind of guy who always spied on the girl they travelled with (I think).

The mecha was real special as far as I recall. There was one episode where the kid was fighting this other mecha whose tactic was to run really really fast around the opponent. The kid just closed his eyes, waited, and sliced down, cutting the other dude right in half. In another episode, the kid fights a black basilisk/serpent thing.

I really really would like to know what this series is called, I remember the animation was quite amazing. It stunned me as a kid anyway. :]
I'm going to take a guess here. If I assume that everything you said was only half remembered, then you are probably describing Vision of Escaflowne. Nearly everything that you described is similar to something in that show, without ever being exactly right. The black basilisk/serpent thing was a dragon, the old man wasn't perverted. The mouth organ is a pendulum. Aside from that you're right. (The scene where Vaugn had to close his eyes and learn to see with his mind in order tocut the other mecha in half is correct.)

Here's something that might verify your memory: Do you remember people with wings?

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