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Originally Posted by Manifold
Heheh, fickle memory.. Was.. Vaugn dropped into a black pit before he encountered the dragon? And was the dragon all spiky? The scene where he chopped the other mecha in half, was that mecha running round and round him quickly? And it definitely happened before the black serpent/dragon thing. Also, I remembered that episode ended when the serpent was shown. I think.
There wasn't a pit. He was dropped from a hole in the sky. (The hole in the sky connected two worlds.) Is that close enough to your memory? And yes, the dragon was all spikey. As for the scene where he chopped the other mecha in half, it was invisible and kept striking him from behind. Is that reminsicent of your memory of running around him quickly?

This is all similar, but slightly twisted between the two. I'm pretty sure that you're misremembering Visions of Escaflowne.

Nope, not at all. I saw three/four series on T.V, that's it. But I do remember that they wandered a wasteland and hid in a cave? I'm starting to distrust my memory. I swear there was a perverted old man.. who could float on his upturned umbrella.
None of that fits my memory, but if you only saw three or four episodes then I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't see any wings.

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