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One editor or two?

Now before all of you go :loleffort: at me, I feel this point should be raised. When did the majority of groups go from having two editors to solely having one on each release. I remember a time when even groups like gg had two editors but this seems to have fallen out of favour pretty drastically. I suppose you could say that the second editor position has been shed to gain time on an overall release without really losing too much in terms of quality (though obviously this assumes that your editor is good enough to work by himself/herself).

But is one editor really better than two? I've worked as part of an editing pairing on numerous occasions and sometimes it works really well and other times, it doesn't. I'd certainly suggest that edits have been enhanced when working as a twosome because the collaborative aspect allows you to bounce ideas around before settling on that tricky line, instead of just making do, as you sometimes have to when you're editing alone.

Would you or your group ever consider going to two editors again? Does your group still use the two editor system (I think AONE still might...)? Or are you a one-editor group all the way?
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