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Would you or your group ever consider going to two editors again? Does your group still use the two editor system (I think AONE still might...)? Or are you a one-editor group all the way?
One reason that no one has really touched on yet is trust or secrecy. A group that edits directly from the raw + script must give an editor access to both. The same goes for QC encodes and QC'ers. The more QC'ers have access to a QC encode, the greater chance it has of escaping 'into the wild' before the group makes a formal release.

Otherwise it's mainly just a matter of communication, or lack thereof. Having two editors who don't communicate properly, instead choosing to engage in 'edit warz' where certain lines change back and forth several times before the release is the worst. It can also lead to problems with concurrent edits / version control if people aren't disciplined in that respect.
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