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Hmm... never knew that there was a two editor system going on for some groups. But anything is possible as they always say.

But frankly speaking, if you want to have a translated episode with English that doesn't make you go "wth am I reading now", all that's really needed is one GOOD editor. Too many cooks spoil the broth anyway.

The only problem is that most people nowadays have sub-par English and think that they know a lot. (Even I will get pwnt hardcore if I went up against someone really proficient at English)

Note to all: "Anyways" is NOT a word but you see it popping up in practically half the subs out there. Whatever dictionary that says it exists is just "cake". It's at best a verbal term that is over-used by people with poor English. (Like the word "Irregardless")

Then again, different groups make the various roles do different things. (Some groups require the editor(s) check for everything and some only requires them to be grammer nazis) So it's pretty much subjective.
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