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Reviews have been mixed - I've discounted a few of the one star ones as gut reactions (there was also someone who gave it one star even though (s)he cancelled his/her order)...although that last blog comment you posted is a bit of a worry...
I was when I saw it. I just think it was a bad move to make the writer publish it now. The deadline + the crisis... the quality took a nosedive (compared to the stellar reviews of the other novels?).

I'll take Kawamori's statements for this movie ending (implications of Sheryl awake, giving a concert with Ranka. Alto alive. Wherever he's in Frontier or in a Galaxy away. There's hope!).

Originally Posted by karice67 View Post
Here here! I almost cried because they had so little to do in the movies! but given the BL tint of some scenes in the series novels....
Well, it's one of those non-contest pairing (max and miria in dyrl wasn't like SUPER featured either). Wasn't there a beach scene?

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