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Wow wow, where to begin? Even though Academy City won WWIII, it felt like Aleister had lose something even bigger... And to the point where he doesn't make a move for even the simplest things? This might be what Aiwass referred to when it said that Aleister is not the type to stand up after being knocked down...

The last scenes with Touma and Index/Mikoto were nice, not as heartfelt as I would liked but I've come to accept certain things from Kamachi and heartfelt moments are not one of his strong points (You guys greatly-over-exaggerate Accelerator and Last Order scenes ), Mikoto coming along is all be certain and I'm pretty sure Touma won't forget that he's still the legal guardian of Index so he would have to bring her too (Not that Index would allow him not to) but what about Accelerator and Hamazura? I can't imagine them putting their important girls in harm's way- Last Order have no business to be on the battlefield and Hamazura would never want to drag ITEM back into the Darkness... Well, not unless they beat the crap out of him and force him to...

And well, for those who wants a more proactive Kamijou Touma... Merry Christmas

(Even Birdway was impressed by his character )

And what's this about Second Death? What are you hiding in that coconut of yours Kamachi...?
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