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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
It's not the same though, the atmosphere was totally the right setup for it as well. But like Mikoto's scene later, the Author just doesn't seem to want to commit more
I agree, right then when Index was telling him how much she worried, it was almost mean of him not to hug her... but as you said, no commitment...

The beauty of the iron bridge scene is that he can leave it as just Mikoto joining the team, or he can recon it later into something more... But I gotta say, I hate how ambiguous Kamachi leaves the romance (I don't particularly care if it's Mikoto or someone else, but it would be nice for one of the harem to be able to get through.)
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Doeskin of iron bridge iirc Mikotos favorite movie has to do with love on an iron bridge right?
LOL, yeah... “An Iron Bridge is a Sign of Love”
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