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Originally Posted by Ryus View Post
Yeap, they CAN draw a pic to comment.

^The top white box is the add comment area (with two "comments" above them), and lower is the options/tools part. Basic tools though, just color options with decent choices for shading, then opacity (100%, 50%, >50%), pen width, and pen shape.

Most posters just draw cute text though and add heart or something, but it seems (based off the Claymore pics anyways) that many artists actually add their own comments about well, whatever (sorry but I can't read Japanese ), and many have it in the form of characters talking to each other between the comments . It's weird but at the same time a nice bonus after finding a good pic.
That's.....I don't even know what to say to that

I mean, it figures that most people just draw little hearts or something, but still....I guess I just can't understand because I'm not an artist whatsoever and the best drawings I can make are stick-figures and doodles...but can you imagine how much time it must take to make just one comment if you had to draw every single time?

Unless you're an very talented and/or passionate artist, I can't imagine most people getting into that kind of website.


Heh, that's such a great movie MisterJB...haven't seen in it ages
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