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No, we haven't come there yet. There should still be a few months left from that amount. (2.5 years for training, maybe 1-2 months for the Gaara rescue arc, Sasuke scary arc and RasenShuriken arc).
I was recently re-reading the last chapters of part 1 to refresh my mind for shippuuden. I noticed that when Sakura was healing a fish over the watchful eye of the 5th, she said that Sakura has come so far in 3 months and had only seen something like this since Shizune. That would imply 3 months passed before naruto set out, which is in the same chapter, implying

3 months healing (as Neji and co were seriosly injured and were fine in this chapter)
2.5 training with Jiraiya
1-2 months recent events

So that would suggest sasuke's time is almost up (around a month or less left).

Secondly, I think the reason so many ppl have trouble accepting Naruto's accomplishments is because Kishimoto has fostered a mindset of animonsity and dissapointment towards this main character. Just look at Ino's recent comments when Naruto's first attempt failed (she is like the readers talking in this instance). If he was always successful throughout the series and cool like sasuke there would be no prob. It's like if you know a screw up in real life and one day you hear they acheived a great success, you would be skeptical to say the least.

In this way Kishi has created a very different main protagonist, to which it will take many more successes before ppl come around. Afterall its been years and if you are so set in your opinion of him, it will take more than 1 arc to change it. Just a thought
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