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Originally Posted by Sazelyt View Post
I don't know how interesting he is, but he was a nominee for the stupidest character in the story among all characters.
He was an idiot, but I liked his abilities.

And, he still revealed more than what Asuma was allowed to.
Yes, that is unfortunate. Asuma also got the short straw when it came to handing out abilities.

Although, at this point I think it is pretty clear that both Kakuzu and Hidan showed all they have.
It would be nice if Kishimoto showed more versatile characters. Ninjas like Gaara, Neji and Orochimaru for instance have very impressive abilities that made them the dynamic characters I would expect the elite ninja of Akatsuki to be.

If Itachi uses super speed to use a jutsu, and achieves success, would that make Itachi great, or make the opponent idiot because of losing to such a simple trick that only involves high speed? Even Kakashi complimented Naruto regarding his speed (of thinking, of action, etc.)
There's a style to the way Itachi's abilities are handled. The old bait and switch routine that Naruto used on Kakuzu was lame.

Where talking about an S-class ninja who was capable of prolonging his life for generations (or centuries for all we know) and skilled enough to take on the 1st Hokage yet he fell for one of the oldest tricks in the book.

When Itachi baited Kakashi it was because he had blinding hand speed so fast, the Sharingan could not even keep up with it. And even still he did not actually defeat Kakashi with that move alone.

Naruto's victory was handled poorly.

If achieving something even Yondaime couldn't able to succeed was unconvincing, then it is really impossible to find something to make someone convincing.
Powerful moves and skill are two different things. Are we really to believe that the ever clumsy Naruto is an overall better ninja than Kakashi at this point?

The elite ninja who's strategic planning rivals that of Shikamaru with the jutsu ability to much?

Watching Kakashi fight Itachi for the first time, even though he was being overpowered was like a game of chess ( the same can be said of his battle with Zabuza).

I just think Kishimoto his handling his main character poorly. He's giving him far more credit than his character is protraying that he deserves.

The way Naruto defeated Neji and Gaara were masterpieces of storytelling. The way Kishi under powered Kakashi and allowed Naruto to beat Kakuzu was weak.

As you might know that the 3 years period is not over yet, so, what do you expect them to do, go to Hawai beaches and ejoy the sunlight instead of training?
Well still what is the point? Orochimaru was ready to take Sasuke's body before the timeskip and yet now this "training" that Sasuke was supposed to recieve where he was going to "obtain power in his own way" amounts to little more than fooling around since Sasuke has no plans to defeat Itachi with his own power.

I'm really hoping that Kishimoto makes something more of this. I liked that cursed Uchiha bloodline idea that was hinted at. The idea that Sasuke's training is pointless is very disappointing.

Originally Posted by gibits View Post
Hidan killed Asuma, and Kakuzu was owning Kakashi, so I would not call it an "easy win".
Theri defeats were handed poorly. Kishi had a chance to use Asuma's death to make Hidan a huge obstacle to overcome and while I like Shikamaru avenging his sensei's death on his own, I think more could have been done with Hidan's character, explaining his immortality abilities etc.

I've said this 3 times already, its the oldest trick in the book for a reason. This is what Naruto does, its what ninjas do. It would've out of character for Naruto to do otherwise.
Out of character to do what? I have no problem with him landing a shot in this way but shouldn't Kakuzu have 2 hearts left?

He just laid there in his crater will Kakashi finished him off. Kishi was doing well with his character up until that point.

Shikamaru using his blood to get Hidan to destroy a heart was ingenious and making him a tough opponent that even Kakashi could not beat without strong backup was great. But then the team should have worked together to finish him off instead of Naruto getting him with one bait and switch move.

Hidan was one of the dullest characters yet. He was a one trick pony and that's it. Sasori was an interesting character with diabolic puppets and tragic past. Itachi is sourded in mystery and massacre. DD is ambiguously gay and has mouths on his hand (great for auto-fellatio). Those are interesting people. Hidan had a cool design with the greaser hair-do and scythe but he really was not interesting at all.
His design and abilities were interesting that's what I was saying. He was an obnoxious moron sure, but that immortality jutsu was cool and not enough was done with it.

Atleast we got to understand Kakuzu's ability.

Did you see Kakuzu manhandling Kakashi? Yet Naruto was able to beat him with ease, I'd say that was convincing. Face it, you're a hater.
See what I wrote above.

Naruto overcoming his fear of Gaara and going all out to defeat him, in the way he did was impressive.

Naruto taking advantage of Jiraiya's training to defeat Neji was impressive.

Naruto screwing up his jutsu in one chapter, then beating Kakuzu with a bait and switch move was incredibly lame, made lamer by the idea that this puts him over Kakashi.

It's not hating it's just an observation. Naruto mastered a move with his shadow clones that Kakashi and Yamato taught him, which the 4th was unable to do, fine.

But the idea that he could have surpassed Kakashi still being as clumsy as he is is absurd. Naruto hasn't shown anything that suggests that he is half the ninja Kakashi is.

Kyuubi's chakra already made Naruto stronger than Kakashi. How does a powerful jutsu make him better than Kakashi?

I never understood that either, my reasoning is that it gives Sasuke something to do, so he won't leave. There really is no reason for Oro to train him other than for plot purposes.
The only way I can rationalize this is if Orochimaru agreed to train him but also convinced him during that training that he had not surpassed Itachi and that he needed to sacrifice his body to give them both the edge to do what they cannot do separately.

I see this situation going one of two ways. Either Oro is going to get Sasuke's body, become this badass sharingan user and Naruto and co. are going to have to try to free him from Oro's possession or Sasuke is going to regain confidence in his own abilities and attempt to leave Oro.

Perhaps Sasuke is being trained so that oro, Kabuto and he can take out the other Akatsuki before merging to take out Itachi (I wonder where the leader fits into all of this?).

I would like to know why when one character, like Shika or Sasuke does something everyone gives them due credit. But when Naruto comes around and does the same thing (sometimes better) people give doubt him? Is it because you expect more from the main character? Are you a hater?
I don't think Rurik is hating on Naruto. Like myself I am betting he does not like the way his development is being handled.

There were times where I really liked the direction Naruto's character was going and how he was progressing. He has not been doing well in the new arc.

First it is revealed that during all of his time with Jiraiya he has not obtained any significant skill (except for "that jutsu" which was never revealed) and infact has de-evolved because he has less control over Kyuubi.

The only good that came out of that is we got to see a freaky monster battle between Naruto and Oro as well as Naruto's realization that he has to keep the beast within under control and rely on his own power.

He was useless during the first encounter with Akatsuki. Sakura and the old woman defeated the cool Akatsuki while Kakashi took out the gay Akatsuki (with a nice Mangekyo Sharingan that was not used during his fight with Kakuzu).

When he did attempt to help out he used his demonic fox powers to kill a decoy.

The elemental jutsu angle that was used to explain his new jutsu was nice but he defeat of Kakuzu was out of place.

I'm just glad these guys are dead, I don't care about them I want to know more about what the leader is planning, what Oro and Sasuke are doing as well as where Itachi and Kisame are and how they play into the new arc.
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