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The chapter in itself was good, but the pacing surely could have been a lot better.

Some other thoughts:

-No further background for Hidan and Kakuzu. Aside of killing Asuma, they pretty much ended being just an extra obstacle, nothing else. Even worse that the kill was done by the less intelligent of the pair, while the "experienced" one died miserably without even hurting someone.

-Indeed, a massive technique wasn't able to completely finish Kakuzu. Since it's obvious that Sasuke will be a lot stronger that these petty Akatsuki, then there is a chance that Naruto actually uses and hit him with it.

-Neither Naruto nor Sasuke killed their enemies. Understandable, given the target demographic for the manga, but disappointing nonetheless. It -does- imply that Sasuke isn't following Oro blindly. (albeit he is still fulfilling Itachi's desires).

-The speech from Kakashi was indeed good. Hopefully will be a lot better in the Anime, with music in the background.

-Wow, Kakashi's stamina/chakra reserves increased a LOT. He managed to use Raikiri around 6 times, surpass the speed of Kakuzu jutsus, summon Pakkun, while having the Sharingan active for long time, and still didn't collapse or even look "almost exhausted".

Clearly, Kishi still has important plans for him, with at the very least, a grand 1-1 fight (Kabuto, Itachi, Obito?) ahead.

Given the short amount of important enemies that remain alive, that also means that there will be even LESS chances for the new generation (the 9 + team Gai) , to have 1-1 confrontations. Bad omen for those with almost no appearance (TenTen, Shino, Ino).

-The chances of Kurenai to keep fighting pretty much dropped to zero. She was supposed to be the best Genjutsu user aside of Itachi/Madara. There seems to be a pattern here:
*Just wen Azuma revel to have the exact same chakra nature than Naruto, dies
*Kurenai, who has the ability to trap enemies with ilusions, like Itachi (Madara, AL?) gets pregnant.
*A weapons specialist (TenTen), rarely appears, in times when enormous area-effect attacks start to be more common and desired.
*A commander of hundred of bugs that eats chakra, can track/spy from distance, create bunshins without requiring much stamina/chakra to do it, is always busy somewhere else.

-Who will be the leader of Hinata + Shino + Kiba team? And any Promotions?

-Good to see Oro and friends again. I really would like to see how things are going on their side. Will Kabuto and Sasuke just accept that Oro gets a new body?

-Sasuke didn't use his "that jutsu" (unless it equals to TenTen technique, that's it)

And more importanly.. where is Jiraya !?
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