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I want to see the context of that scene of Felt being surrounded by looks like she's being arrested but we know that shouldn't be what's actually happening .

Poor Subaru and Otto .
I've been playing the game since launch and what I can say is that the game uses a flowchart style to show how the story branches out.

You can unlock alternate routes by meeting certain requirements, for example in Arc 1, you need to meet the characters involved with said route and obtain a key at the end of the chapter. So you unlock Ram's route by running into Ram at the Capital, the same for Wilhelm and Felis, Julius, Ricardo and Mimi.

There are also IF routes along the way, but those have special conditions to unlock, which I don't know what one needs to do...but might be linked with increasing Friendship by using that character in battles.

One thing I do know is that for the Felt IF route, when Elsa asks Subaru what he intends to do with the insignia, the options "Answer honestly" and "Make something up" appear. Naturally, the latter is locked

Spoiler for minor review:

I'm enjoying the game, doing it at slow, in Story mode I'm halfway through Arc 2 and have yet to explore the branching sub-routes
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