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Crack theory about the Einherjar: Marian eventually cracks Othinus' control over the undead soldier creation spells using her ability as a Dvergr, turn Kagun into something like a Dead Apostle (from Nasuverse), and the two of them get their happy end. Cause damn, the guy needs more screentime. Not using Kagun anymore might be like leaving Acqua out of the plot after Vol16 in pre-NT LNs.

Mikoto awakening, I'll try and keep out of it but mention 2 things: a) if you want Mikoto to fly, in the one of the Railgun SS Mikoto already had wings (over the ocean anyway), and b) Mikoto can't awaken; her power is electromaster and not 'special'/HAX enough like Kakine and Accelerator's. Volume 15 ch5:
Different from this world, this is 'organic' and 'inorganic' in terms of a different world. The one who wields the power of God and the one who has touched the territory of God. Now the odds of victory are even, only that unlike Accelerator, Kakine has not lost himself.
The very basis of Mikoto's power is of a common/inferior class compared to the heavy hitters (Holy Right, Saint, Valkryie, Archangel, 'unknown' invisible thing', Northern Throne - basically, like 'Divinity' in a sense with many of these powers sharing that theme). Bluntly put, there isn't anything special inside Mikoto to 'awaken'. Mikoto got that far using hard work, but hard work alone ultimately can't match talent in IndexVerse, assuming the more powerful/talented one actually is fighting smart:
1)Spells used by Saints is of a entirely different class to normal magicians (Vol16, Kaori fighting Acqua),
2)The Holy Right crushed the combined power of Roman Catholic Church, power of 2,000 years + home field advantage of Vatican & Rome + faith of two billion followers. (Again, Vol16)
3)Imagine Breaker. Needless to say, there's all the times this trait crushed 'normal', non-'FinalBoss' level spells... (Stiyl + Tatemiya + Agnese + Oriana + Vento... the list goes on)
4) Accelerator effortlessly tanking everything Mikoto had when they first met.

If Mugino was actually as tactic-savvy as say, pros like Tsuchimikado or Etzali, Hamazura would probably have been killed; hence the 'fighting smart' qualifier.

... Well, this ended up quite a rant I'm gonna stop now, logging off now.
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