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Yap. Because Mikoto is still rank 3 in Academy city to in power level it will be
Mikoto = Mugino (which is debatable because Mugino is hard headed berserk type even though she has supreme fire power but Mikoto is still so very versatile in her power that she can overcome her)

Rank no 6 is still unknown.

And that's the ranking in power of science side ESPER

Not considering the bad ass normal of the Kihara because they are specialist. Look at Amata and Enshuu for examples. But they are specialist and employ different methods to certainly win so the espers still out class them in power but that's all the students can do.

Some members of skill out like Hamadura and Hanzou are strong just like Kihara. They could fight high level espers despite they are normal. Well first the skill out are part of the dark side of the city and again and again and again..... academy city is an educational establishment.

You guys are forgetting that FACT! they are not war mongers or warriors or trained assassins. They are STUDENT!!!!! darn.

Asking to much of a normal student who enjoys a normal life is too much. Really they are just normal people who happen to have powers which is not normal. But comparing them to magicians which is essentially a part of the dark side of the world.... then you are making a big mistake.
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