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I'm a big fan of USB 2.0 and IEEE 1394 (known to most as "Firewire"). I tend to prefer building my own cases and getting a drive I like.

The only problem I have with my current drive is simply an operational one that I caused myself. The drive is formatted using SGI's XFS which is readable only by Linux systems (my anime screening box fleet runs under Linux) and MAYBE IRIX if it knows how to parse PC partition tables. This drive was originally mounted inside one of those machines, but I want the ability to use it with any of my fleet, so an external drive was the best solution. Easily fixed, but I presently don't have the disk space or the time to commit to fix this "issue". However, once done (just needs to be redone as FAT32), I can use it with any OS which will recognize it.


P.S. Sides: The proper name for "800 megabit Firewire" is IEEE 1394B. IEEE 1394 (no letter suffix) is 400 megabits per second.
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