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Originally Posted by TougeSil80
I think buying an external HDD is not worth it. You should get an IDE to USB 2.0 cable, then you can just buy regular internal HDDs and use them as external, and you can easily switch HDDs.
I considered that since pound per gig this is the most efficient, but all them exposed electronics scares me... Also I've seen what happens when someone puts a HDD on the chasis of their PC and causes a short (was not me!). I suppose one method would be to keep them in their anti static bags as long as they can take the heat. In terms of physical durability even in cases 3.5" HDDs can't take their knocks at all, so there is no disadvantage in using a USB to IDE dongle in that sense...

Sniffle I made a big edit to this earlier and basically replied to Sides and said something like, good point about fw800 and do you know of any drives to recommend. Also my Maxtors are fw400 so I could move them off my USB card freeing up a host for my LaCies

This is a bit off topic, but since some drives come with backup software I thought I would mention the Retrospect Dantz backup versus the built in XP one. Just talking about interface and speeds here. The interface for both are as yucky as each other (well Dantz is a bit more yucky), but XP lets you save different jobs. Speed is the biggest difference, when doing the incremental backup (after the initial one), Dantz takes over 30 mins to do compared to 3 mins for the XP backup (I copied some data into a dir that was being backed up). Then running a incremental with no data change XP took less then 5 secs and Dantz took 5 minutes.


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