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External HDD's ARE NOT for backup. Extra space for frequently used files but NEVER call external drives a 'backup' location. The same things can go wrong with a external drive as a internal drive.

As for LaCie. Yeah, they are good. But LaCie dosent make the HDD's in those fancy cases. Who does?

Maxtors are hot. Why? They are 7200 RPM drives! Come on now. The only reason any other exernal drive is cooler is most likely because its a slower drive.

FW800. Not worth it. I mean if the drive supports it ok, but if it dosent don't spend extra money to get it. Unless the drives in the case are SATA-II going to FW800 is pointless.

I have the same LaCie and I've found it to be a very good and reliable drive so far, no problems at all, and since it's oh so very cheap that would be my recommendation, unless you think USB2 is far too slow for moving around large amounts of files.
USB 2.0 to slow? Compared to what? SCSI Ultra Wide? USB 2.0 is on avarage the same speed as FW400.
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