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Well, Zest is an OVER 9000 S RANK Super Saiyan Ancient Belka Spear-Knight after all...His unison comes perfect with GOLD HAIR!

And yes, he IS over S rank, before unison. Though what specific rank is unknown.

Vice was apparently a former ranged-magic ace...but he claims his talent is half of hers, so we don't know how much he's being humble and whatnot.

As for what the Numbers are doing...

I : Playing the organ of chaos while the overexcited doctor watches.
III : Together with XII kicking ass outside.
IV : Support/Illusion via Silver Curtain.
V : Playing with explosive daggers inside the HQ.
VI : Using stealth sneak attacks with bombs inside the HQ.
IX : Kicking (( literally )) Subaru's face.
X : Heavy Barrelling from outside.
XI : With IX together.
XII : With III.
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