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Originally Posted by AVPlaya View Post
Kaoru-dono, any words on how Gotou-chan (I'm older!) feel about her Gotouza-sama role?

Also, any more info on Patti's seiyuu? More I listen to her work the more I'm impressed with her. She managed to speak a gaijin accent without making fun of THE gaijin accent (see Stressman in Live Action Nodame Cantabile), and use perfect American pronunciation when needed. It made her sounded like an outsider but incredibly articulate and cute at the same time.

Also, more info on Hiroyi and Misao's seiyuu would be nice. They are both impressing the crap out of me. I kinda wish the 1st graders would have their own show.. HEY! How THAT for the second season of Lucky Star? Haha, more neta to discuss!
I haven't seen Gotuuza-sama speak directly about it, but I do remember her saying in the forum at AX that she wanted a role closer to her real personality: masculine and forceful.

As for Patty, do take a look at her blog, which she is updating several times a day. I have a little info on her here and on the Lucky Star characters/seiyuus page, where there is also a little info about Misao and Hiyori's seiyuus. Misao's seiyuu is relatively new, with only three previous roles, and only one of them named. Hiyori's seiyuu is one of the real pros: Shimizu Kaori, who played Lain. I see her turning up in shows with young seiyuus (e.g., Lemon Angel Project, Bokura ga Ita, this show). I have the feeling she must be a good mentor, despite the fact she is only 24. She is a friend of Koshimizu Ami's.

Sasaki Nozomi (Patty) is the main reason I was looking forward to this show, as I've said. Her voice as Nanami in Bokura ga Ita was a revelation. The most moe voice I have ever heard. It took me a while to get used to what she is doing in LS, but it really is a good way of doing a foreign voice. I remember Stresemann in the dorama, too. He wasn't that different in the anime, either. Her voice is one of those highly identifiable voices that I like. Unique.

Here are some photos from Gotou Yuuko's blog and the Lantis page for her new album that show she is beginning to move toward a tougher image:

YUUKI Aoi 悠木碧. b92.03.27 (age 26). 2008 Kurenai (Murasaki). 2009 Yumeiro Pâtissière (Ichigo), Kiruminzuu (Riko), Yutori-chan (Yutori-chan). 2010 Vampire Bund (Mina Tepeş), Shiki (Sunako), Samurai Girls (Juubee), Pokémon: Black and White (Iris). 2011 Madoka Magica (Madoka), Gosick (Victorique), A-Channel (Tooru), Ben-To (Hana). 2012 Symphogear (Hibiki), Kimi no Iru Machi (Rin). 2014 Pilot's Love Song (Claire/Nina), Blade & Soul (Jin Valel), Soul Eater Not! (Meme), Seven Deadly Sins (Diane). 2015 Owari no Seraph (Krul Tepes), Gangsta (Nina), Rokka no Yuusha (Fremy), One-Punch Man (Tornado), Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan (Goura), Hidan no Aria AA (Kirin). 2016 ERASED (Kayo), Boku no Hero Academia (Tsuyu), Ace Attorney (Mayoi), Tanaka-kun (Rino)....etc.
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