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Pardon me to interrupt you there, but I couldn't find anything on her blog about the role; come to think of it, she isn't a person to bother about such a small thing, I guess. And in the latest entry, she says she got her power cut off due to the unpaid electricity charges. it's been unnoticed (or she being lazy) and now she's horribly busy in the daytime, I understand, but, the fact really scares me... Gottouza-sama really is in a different class than us!
Very interesting. I think she says it had to do with her switching a bank account and forgetting that the electricity bill was being automatically paid out of it, and she couldn't get to the bank because she was working all the hours it's open. I have the feeling that the Tokyo utility company must be pretty quick on the draw, and not provide a lot of warning.

I heard another story about power being cut off: to seiyuu Ochiai Yurika's apartment. But in that case it really was because she was running out of money. This fall, Gotuuza-sama has roles in three new series (Blue Drop, Dragonaut, and Night Wizard) and an OVA (Hidamari Sketch), so I don't think she's running out of money. On the contrary, her career seems to be taking off.
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