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Toradora! Manga Discussion

Well, I read the first 2 chapters of this new manga (based on the light novels), and I have to say, I like this a lot.

Well, the plot circles around two people - one of them being Ryuji, who's a gentle person and wants to be close to other people, but he has an outer appearance (namely his eyes - which are almost intimidating in themselves) that makes him look like a deliquent that might be violent. So, he's trying to look his best for high school, and then he bumps into "the school's most dangerous animal of the highest risk level" Taiga Aisaka who just happens to also be in his class. Problems arise from them both living near each other, and him becoming her manservant. This, of course, starts rumors, and that's the beginning of the story.

Anyway, I've only seen chapters 1 and 2 of this actually translated, although I'm pretty sure there are at least 6 chapters out for this manga. I really want someone to start translating. Taiga also reminds me of Louise, except a little less violent, and I love Louise for everything except the violence in the first place, so Taiga appeals to me massively (tsundere love). Her character design is also fantastic.

Here's the two main characters:

Manga chapters 1,2,3 and 5

Chapters 4 and 6


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