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Originally Posted by dom33 View Post
@ashley the project based on her healing abilities and advanced brain chemistry she didn't pilot a knighmare until episode 20

@onizuka what was the druid system anyway?can someone please tell me that?
seemed to be about how her brain worked, yes. but the immortality thing was Clovis' interest, Not Schneizel's. Jeremiah was clearly a weapon.

anyway, the point is C.C.'s mental capacity/reaction time was deemed "weapon's grade" so to speak. So clearly she's more than capable of being an extremely good KMF pilot (much like Suzaku, who had done nothing but simulator training before episode 2, and yet still managed to destroy an entire platoon of KMFs single handedly >_>)

Originally Posted by JMvS View Post
another of it's application which has been put trough use was a tactical computer: monitoring OotBK offensive using the data provided by it's KMF's dataspheres.
that actually seems to be what it's original application was. the whole thing in 19 was rather out of the ordinary, which is why they brought Lloyd along in case the computer had trouble wrapping itself around such data
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