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Originally Posted by Crimson Reaper View Post
Okay so I found a brief summary. I don't think it's been confirmed yet but I'll throw it out all the same.
-The sisters wonder what Luffys goal is as his actions confuse them.
-Luffy explains what happened to him back on Archipelago.
-Boa believes him and has a flashback on if she should or shouldn't fight to remain a Shikibukai.
-Boa says she'll sail for Archipelago.

Also the mark on their backs is the mark of the World Government, but again not confirmed.
Very interesting....if true that is. I smell tragic back story and ass kicking team up in the near future.
World Government tattoo? Now THAT would be just plain pathetic. Boa as Luffy's mom? Heck why not. Hottest mom? rofl. But dude....wait that would make no sense. The mark right seems like it could actually hurt someone if seen. A tattoo would be the last thing that would cause harm.
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