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Well, the REAL summary is out now. It hasn't been fully translated yet, but here's some interesting tidbits:

-The Boa sisters are confirmed to be runaway slaves (well, at least that's one particular piece of speculation that turned out to be true....). Also, the mark on their backs is the sun tattoo that we see on Hachi and various other mermen.....

-Shakuyaku, Rayleigh's friend from Sabaody, was a former empress of Amazon Lily. Apparently, so was Lola's mother, but that doesn't seem to be 100% confirmed yet.....

Yep, very interesting chapter so far indeed.

Edit: Pics are out! Nyon appears! Hancock also restores Margaret, Sweetpea and Aphelandra back to normal! Unfortunately, now people are getting the impression that Hancock will join Luffy. Well, I guess as long as it's temporary, I'd be cool with it.....
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