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Good point about Hachi and Saki, orion. But Saki is a much less flighty and emotionally exuberant character. And she graduated from college, whereas Hachi hardly got in. Nevertheless, from the very beginning, we know that she is hoping for a prince. If you can't get into that kind of old-fashioned feminine attitude, then it's reasonable for you not to warm up to her.

The idea that she never went to look in the projection booth bothered me, too, Mystique, but is probably wrong. She probably went up and looked through the window and didn't see him. She could then have gone to the apartment and not found him there, either. She had no reason to suspect foul play. More reason to suspect he had just run off again. Anyway, it's not for sure that she didn't check on him.

In Washington, she was determined to throw her coin even after the police had talked to her. She is not a fraidy-cat, really. She went off to Washington on her own. She went into that run-down apartment building on her own. She agreed to go back to Japan with the Naked Prince, etc.

I guess her going with the flow hurts Oosugi (I like to call him that because she does, and also because it is a cute homophone for "too much"). But she really isn't going with the flow there. She treats him only as a friend. The rest is his problem.
Spoiler for ep6 preview:
As for the job, Ryousuke could see that she wasn't too enthusiastic. That's why he repeats that she can wait until she finds a job she likes. She wanted to work in publishing but I think she rejected a job offer there because she felt the attitude wasn't right. So she got provisionally accepted to the construction company -- then took off for America on her graduation trip rather than be available for the first interview they suggested. Seems like a fairly normal level of irresponsibility to me. And perhaps a subconscious desire not to have that job she didn't want. Saving herself for helping Akira save the world, lol.

By the way, I think Ryousuke may have feelings for Saki, too. He is so ready to keep supporting her. And they showed Asako in the background as he said that this time, as if to possibly hint at something like that.

As for spoilers, if you look at post #1, you see the rule "Spoilers about future events must not be posted in this thread." Spoilers about events in this very episode are specifically not mentioned.

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